Meet Kyle.

You play as Kyle, a smart but awkward kid with telekinetic powers. After your 'gift' is discovered, you are sent away to what purports to be a school for gifted children. However, Kyle quickly realizes that the school is just a front for a military experiment inside of a sinister mountain fortress, and he is held captive for testing.

Help Kyle Use His Powers To Complete Puzzles!

Using Kyle's ability to move objects remotely, you must solve puzzles to help Kyle escape the fortress. Along the way, you must evade guards, fire, lasers and other exciting hazards to reach freedom!

Come See Vellum At PAX East!
Check out the Vellum interactive booth at PAX East 2013! We are located at booth 1085. There you can preview the latest beta of Telekinesis Kyle, due to be released in the Spring! We'd love to talk to you.
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We're very excited to show you Telekinesis Kyle, but this project isn't our first iOS game. Vellum Interactive already has two quirky and fun titles under our belts: 'Dreamcat', a surreal runner, and 'The Political Arena', a satirical Politically-themed boxing game. Check them out on the App Store!