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Frustrated by the partisan politics around the Presidential Election?

Take out some of your frustration by entering the Political Arena, a new boxing game that allows you to play as either Barack Obama or Mitt Romney, and take on members of the opposite party.
Completing a level unlocks a new opponent. Each level gets progressively harder and leads up to the ultimate bout between the Presidential Candidates. In a hurry to claim the crown? Unlock all opponents through the In-App Store!
You can keep track of your wins, losses, falls, knockouts, punches thrown, punches blocked, and punches taken. Every skillful move you make is captured in the In-App Photo Album and can then be posted directly to Facebook and Twitter, along with your score. The Political Arena Polls (statistics) show how many people have chosen to fight as Obama or Romney; how many fights each side has won, and how many purchases each side has made to support their Victory PAC.
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Having issues?

If you have any issues while playing The Political Arena, don't hesitate to write us at support@velluminteractive.com, or fill out our contact form here